Final Report

As of May 10, 2019,  the DRAFT Removal Action Final Report was submitted to USEPA Region VII for review and comments per the Administrative Order on Consent CERCLA 07-2013-008.  Once comments have been received by USEPA, edits/revisions will be made by ACF to the DRAFT document prior to submission of the Removal Action Final Report.

Haul Trucks

Prior to leaving the Site, each haul truck is washed, inspected twice with a 360° walk-around.  Haul loads of waste soil and demolition debris are covered; whereas, scrap metal loads cannot be covered.  All scrap metal is placed securely inside the truck beds prior to leaving the Site.   


Due to the nature of the work activity, Demolition and Excavation work will cause dust. Active dust control measures, such as wetting with Dust Bosses and fire hoses, have controlled dust. USEPA monitors for dust at the Site perimeter.  


Construction noise will continue to include: hammering, engines, grinding, etc. Construction activity may occur between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm.

Construction Traffic

Construction traffic (tractor trailers, dump trucks, flatbeds, pickup trucks, etc.) travel to and from the Site each day.  Large trucks enter the Site from N. Grand Blvd and exit along St. Louis Ave. The trucks follow specific routes between the Site and the Interstate. Trucks are not allowed to idle, park or unnecessarily pass through residential areas.  


Nuisance odors may emanate from the Site, but have not yet occurred.  While these odors may be unpleasant, they are not harmful. ACF will address any odors promptly to reduce any discomfort. 

Road Closure

Closure of N. Spring Ave. between Dodier St. and St. Louis Ave will continue.